My website URL is: scaenagroup.ga

What I’m seeing is: This site can’t be reached

scaenagroup.ga ’s server IP address could not be found.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


I’m using this software: wordpress

Additional information: i was trying to update wordpress yesterday and in the process the page stopped working.

i tryed change the name servers.

Make sure the domain is active on the Freenom network and is set to the right nameservers (ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com). Even to me it shows that error while visiting it. If you have more problems than before, use CloudFlare by changing the nameservers from InfinityFree ones to CloudFlare ones and point your domain with a CNAME record to your account’s main domain, that should be found on your Control Panel, and www to your domain via CNAME as well. Then make sure the SSL option is set to Full and wait some time for DNS propagation. If that does not work either, your domain is registered by someone else or is not active on the Freenom network.

The domain scaenagroup.ga is currently not assigned to any hosting account. Please point your domain name to our nameservers, add the domain to your account and then wait for up to 72 hours for the website to show up because of DNS propagation.

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