For the new free hosting registration, domain panel, previous hosting dns information can not be removed, can not be left blank, there is a requirement to enter a post, I can not add my site to your panel, my domain panel, your dns ns1.epizy.com ns2.epizy.com would I add, what can we do?

I’m sorry, but, I haven’t really understood what your problem is.

However, if I try to kind of figure out, I think you’re having troubles setting up the DNS while migrating from another hosting. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Well, if as you say, you can’t remove previous hosting DNS, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to contact them and get it removed or changed.

To set up an account here, you can just go ahead and get a free sub-domain. You can connect your domain later.

In my domain panel,
I added domaine dns,
I’m waiting for it to be active, it’s been 1 days,
now you propose to open an account in the sub-name of your site, when the setting in my private domain is active, you said this hosting can be connected, thanks

I registered with your site sub-name, I logged in cpanel, I added domain I logged in, there
Note: You must set your domains name servers to the following before adding the domain to this system: ns1.epizy.com
I’m registering my private domain panel with this DNS again, now that’s true ?

A nameserver tool where you can’t remove the default nameservers of your domain sounds really weird. Are you sure you’re actually changing the nameservers of your domain, and not just editing the NS records of your registrar’s DNS servers?

my domain panel, allows to change, did not allow to remove, I changed, I added your site name, will the process take place?

No, that probably won’t work. Your domain name should be configured to use our and only our nameservers. If your provider’s nameservers are still in there, that will just cause weird errors for your website if you can add your domain in the first place.

Can you please set up your domain the way your provider lets you, and then share the domain here so we can check whether the settings are OK?


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