Does anyone know of a program that can do this?

I am wondering if anyone knows of a program that can allow editing of existing HTML, CSS, and PHP files in real-time (So the user does not need to know how to code it)? Someone I know would like to be able to edit existing HTML, CSS, and PHP, files for their website. (They don’t need to add meta tags, or other “hidden” elements). Is there a program that can do this for free or for a low price?

Well, I guess you mean visual designing without coding right?

Se softwares like Mobirise, Bootstrap Studio(paid, has Freemium ver for GH students) can help


WebFlow is another good option

Made this basic site about 20 years ago in frontpage

Google no longer correctly registers the site…

If I remake / update site what stand alone software would you recommend…pref free?

There are lots of free HTML & CSS editors out there. But with most of them you need to know HTML and CSS to be able to code. They help with auto complete, syntax highlighting and so on but they don’t build the site.

If you know HTML and CSS you have lots of options from Notepad++ to Visual Studio Code.
If you don’t know HTML and CSS you should probably use a already made free html template (you can find thousands on Google) or a Visual HTML Editor (like Frontpage was).

I don’t use visual HTML editors so I don’t know a lot about them but BlueGriffon is highly praised and has a free version.


Unfortunately we don’t have a website builder ourselves.

Software you can install on your own computer to build websites are somewhat of a dying breed. Companies figured out that you can make more money if you make it web based and tie it to your own hosting service.

Some people here use Mobirise, which isn’t 100% free but has a free tier.

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Thanks so much for the ideas! It looks like Mobirise or BlueGriffon might work, will keep you all updated! Just in case anyone can think of something else, I want something that I could upload my existing code to, and allow someone else to edit it “live” than I can export it can upload it to the server.
Thanks for the ideas!

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Try .
They have a free plan that should be enough for what you need.

Uhh? He needs something for visual editing and goorm is an ide.

btw if you are still using goorm, try, much better than goorm

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