Domain already in use

My website URL

I added a domain “” and then i removed it and now i can’t add it

Where did you add/remove/re-add that domain?
In Client Area? Or cPanel (Addon Domain menu)?

If in Client Area, as far as I know, you must wait until your domain/account permanently deleted. Maybe a week or a month, I don’t know.
Correct me if I wrong.

Try to add the domain. It should work now, because I am getting a name-not-resolved error, which means now your domain is not parked anywhere.


Normally, domain names are deleted instantly if you delete them manually from the control panel. But in this case, it looks like the domain failed to delete successfully in the first place. Some lists do still show your domain name is in use, but other don’t.

I’ll check with iFastNet what’s going on here. This looks like a bug in the panel, and they are the only ones who can unpark your domain name now.

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The domain should be fully deleted now. Can you please try to add it again?

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