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I removed domain but still looking not removed, i want to delete account and create another one with same domain but i can’t, there is no domain but it is saying domain already using. Can you remove or delete account please?

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it looks like the domain is gone

if you delete your account it takes 60 days

can you post a picture of the error youre getting when you try to assign your domain name to the hosting, thanks

You need to delete the domain from your old account, which can be done through the “addon domains” section in the Vista Panel.

I believe the correct term is deactivated.

I misread account as domain nvm.


oh lol

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yes but actually there is no admin

there is no domain.

When i try to add that domain:


And there is still domain in there in account panel


The domain is currently in use on an account at If you created an account there (I believe that’s ProFreeHost), please remove it from there before adding it here.

Note that the Domain Names list in the client area is cached and doesn’t always show the latest status of your domains. The control panel is the only list that we can guarantee is accurate.


Fixed thanks.

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