Domain - change nameservers in registrar error

hello! i’m trying to setup an hosting account with a domain I own. The registrar system is telling me this:

"Technical problems encountered

The change was successfully entered into the system but technical problems related to the intended configuration were detected.

For a .pt domain to become active and under satisfactory technical conditions it is required that a primary server and at least one secondary server with different IP addresses be installed and configured. Contact the entity that provides you with the hosting service since the submitted configuration will not be assumed until the technical problems are solved.

Subsequently, a new DNS change will be necessary in order to trigger a new technical evaluation."

Can you help me with this? The registrar is at and is a .pt domain.

Thank you!

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

your url?

The .pt NIC requires the nameservers to have DNS records to your domain, but we require to put the nameservers before the DNS records to your domain can be added. That means that the domains with some national extensions (even .pt) can’t be used with our hosting, and you should host the website elsewhere, but not here or other iFastNet free alternatives. I recommend X10Premium or iFastNet, as they are cheaper than other providers.
Ah, and please compile the template next time you’re posting, instead of writing the message over the template and leaving it empty (some people on this forum, even new ones, do as you do to post on the “Hosting Support” category, instead of following the HTML comments on the template itself).

This issue is a known problem with some registrars and domain extensions and is described in this article:

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