Domain name redirecting

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:



I’m using this software:

Free Wordpress

Additional information:

When going to my website, it keeps redirecting me to this:

The last thin I was doing before this happened is that I had it in maintenance mode, but I never got a chance to do any remodeling. Please help!

Your domain is not pointing to the right nameservers, or is expired! If the reason was the first one, please change the nameservers to and from Freenom’s nameservers management panel for your domain; if that’s the latter, register it again with those nameservers.


Ok, Ergastolator1 thank for the information.

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Found out that my Domain name is suspended, and the status says fraud in the

I’m assuming it is because of the above post that I am seeking answers for. Can someone please help???

Ergastolator1 or Admin, Please Help

I’m sure that someone can help you, but that someone is not on this forum. If Freenom has suspended your domain for fraud, then only Freenom can tell you why your account was suspended or tell you if or how you can get it back. Please remember: this is the InfinityFree, not Freenom, forum. We can help you with your InfinityFree hosting service, not with whatever third party services you use to build your website.


Ok. Thank you.

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