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I’m very confused about how to setup my own domain. Which name servers do I use?

After I have done the nameservers, will the domain instantly work on my website? Or do I have to wait a few hours before it allows me to add it?


When I try to add my domain to my website (Addon Domain) I get this error:
Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .
Invalid Domain, please check your input…

What is your domain name, so that I can try to help you?

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its a .ml, rather not give the domain.

Please Do it Or we cannot help you!


Infinityfree addon domains isn’t letting me do .ml

Do I setup SSL after I install wordpress or before?

If you already chose to install WordPress with a HTTPS URL, you should consider to install an SSL certificate before, so that your visitors can access your website through HTTPS after you install WordPress.

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You should copy-paste the full text that’s in the boxes in the client area, exactly as it’s displayed there. This includes the BEGIN and END lines, with all the equals signs.

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