Domain Removing Problem

Username Or Website URL(s)

Username : epiz_29857779
Website URL(s) : /

The Problem I Need To Solve

I want to remove the above two domain names from the account (epiz_29857779). As far as I know, it can be done through the control panel and the options under the domain section. But the screen shots that I have attached also show that it cannot be done using any of the options under it.

Other Screen Shots

I need to use these two domain names for another hosting account. This is to open a hosting account from another account within

Is the only option I have now is to deactivate the hosting account (epiz_29857779) and wait for six months?

If not, is there any other way for this problem?

Please help me kindly

Did you check under parked domain?

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Are the 2 domains reflected in the client area of the hosting account?

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Well, you have to wait for admin then.
IF seems to having domain administrating issues at the moment


Yes, it seems that there is an issue where domains that are assigned to accounts aren’t visible in the control panel. I have asked iFastNet to investigate.

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