Your domain “” is not working. Any sites linked to this domain do not open.

Do you plan to fix this or can I just give up on this domain?


Your domain is NOT pointed to any nameserver! Change them to,,, and from your domain registrar’s DNS management panel, and after that add the domain on either “Addon Domains” or “Aliases (Parked Domains)” section of the Control Panel!

Which domain man? I’m talking about your domain in general. Just type the address on the browser and check: ’s server IP address could not be found.

Uh oh. I didn’t check that. It maybe was expired, so, seen that that domain is expired, maybe ask iFastNet to renew it?

ifastnet support said:

“The domain appears to not be registered. Please consider using your own domain instead to avoid such issues, with free hosting reseller subdomains you get have this issue because we do not own the reseller domains, but the reseller themselves.”

I’m just bringing this up because this domain is available on the infinityfree cpanel for subdomain creation and it does not work. Just my 2 cents.

Try to use another subdomain name different than that instead, aka giving up on that domain.

fair enough

Well, the WHOIS output shows something else:

Registrant Organization: iFastNet Internet

So either someone registered this domains and pretends to represent iFastNet, or they let their own domain expire.

I’m going to poke some people at iFastNet about this.


Thank you, sir.

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