Where to buy domains, Any recommended registars?

  • Are the domain rules same with own domain or what?
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I would recommend NameSilo or NameCheap.

What do you mean by that? Yes, the terms still apply.


I like godaddy, the support more domain name extensions than most other cheap registrars. Example… .CA

GoDaddy may have a nice service but I refuse to pay for someone who shot a near extinct elephant dead.


I’ve been using Porkbun for some years with no problem. is a great place to compare and find the best registrar for you.


MOD NOTE: In case you missed the edit below, don’t use CloudFlare as a domain registrar for InfinityFree. Domains managed with CloudFlare CANNOT be used on InfinityFree unless they are transferred elsewhere.

Hi Selfcat

Use Cloudflare as they are the only registers that sell domains at cost, making them the only ideal choice on the market.

Update: This seems not compatible due to the nameserver requirement imposed here. You will not be able to do that if you use Cloudflare.


Doesn’t CF registrar limit the ability of changing namservers?


(self removed for not applicable suggestion)

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Certain hosting providers such as InfinityFree require you to change the nameservers to theirs in order to add the domain (you can change nameservers back and setup A records after it though)


Hi Ziverre,

After a bit of research, I also found that InfinityFree somehow requires nameserver transfers to recognize the domain stated both in the client area and VistaPanel. While this is definitely not technologically required, I believe this is something required by policy or whatever reason in InifinityFree’s case. In this case, the Cloudflare domain registration part is not going to work.


What do you mean? The CF free plan works perfectly fine with InfinityFree. The thing from CF that doesn’t is their registrar.


Thanks wackyblackie, I’ve updated my wordings.