Email Account, Webmail, Forwarders issues


But from my side everything is working fine.


I am trying to access the roundcubemail, but I cannot open the Webmail. I think the server down again.I get following message after a minute;

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
Search Google for roundcubemail


Yes, the email server seems to be down again. I’ll check with iFastNet what’s going on. But please keep in mind that more outages can and will happen until the issue described in the first post is resolved.


@Admin pls how long will it take to fix the email server?I am expecting a very important mail from a client.


Like I’ve said many, many, many times before. I don’t know when this issue will be resolved, but I do know that it will not happen soon.

If your income is dependent on your email system to work, please consider purchasing an actual business email service, rather than relying on the free email addon of a free website hosting service. We do what we can to make the service as good as possible, but we can’t compete with business services for the price of $0.


If your income is dependent on your email system to work, please consider purchasing an actual business email service,

I bet you sell these don’t you… I will never transfer to a premium account, so if you are disrupting my free mail in some hegelian strategy, or some shock test, then you are waating your time with me…

My e-mail is still very unreliable, and this forum should document just how poor the service is, if anything, to deter potential clients from making the same mistakes, I did, namely invest a lot of time in a product not fit for purpose over half of the time…Nothing personal against you, but when my non - profit community based project invest time in something, we expect it to work…


Can you please point our where we have these premium email offers?

Spoilers: we don’t sell anything ourselves. No premium hosting. No premium email. We have some affiliate offers, but not for an email service.

Please don’t accuse us of things you have absolutely zero evidence for. I know you are angry about this, and about us, and you have all the right to be. But please don’t use that anger to spread false information and unfounded accusations.

Which is why I wish iFastNet would hurry up with the new email system as well. But alas, I can’t control what they are working on or how fast they can complete it.

Although I would deter people from using the email service to begin with. Even when it was working most of the time, it was extremely limited and poorly tacked on to the website hosting service. I have never and will never state that our email service was remotely business ready.

As for the wasting your time, after all your messages, you are still here, berating me for what I say. Despite having repeatedly told you that I am not in a position to fix this, and I don’t believe that this unreliable email system was done intentially by anyone. You make it sound like I broke this on purpose to scam people into upgrading.

But I would like to state very clearly to everyone reading this topic: please do not pay us based on the broken email service we’re offering right now. Pay anyone but us. We don’t deserve your money. Find our worst competitor and pay them to spite us. That’s what we deserve, because we provide a very broken email service right now. We are, and we should be, ashamed that our email service is working this poorly for such a long time.


Yes you should be ashamed, because it is rubbish… I don’t expext whistles and bells, just for it to function when I need it to, nothing more, nothing less…