Email address shows differently to recipient

I am using your services for my domain from GoDaddy and wanted to register new email addresses. I successfully created and logged into the [] email and sent an email to myself to test it out. The email appears, however, the sender address is different completely. It looks something like []. Why does this happen and how to fix it? Thank you!

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: email address appears as [] to the recipient

I’m using this software: just your email service

Additional information:

I just setup a test address on your account to send a message to Mail Tester to see if the from address is correct. And everything looks fine there, as far as I can tell:

Do you still experience this problem? If so, it might be that the email account you’re trying to send the message from is corrupted. Deleting and recreating the email account would likely solve that problem.

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