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Hi I just tried to delete the main domain in Mx RECORDS to install the proper one: but infinity says no; there’s an error & contact support team. I have my sub domain name already attached to my website & cannot receive emails from my contacts page on my new website.

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Try removing the domain from your account, deactivate it, then register another subdomain with the same name and go to MX Records on the Control Panel to input it.

I did try; it comes up as an error & must contact you :slight_smile:

This is the message it sent me when trying to delete the domain name:
Error #459346986 Please contact supportMX Records can not be altered on subdomains

This post on the Knowledge Base can help you.

Thanks I just read it! So basically I cannot receive emails from my website on the contacts page because I have a sub domain!

So how can I rectify this? Can’t I use SMTP?

Plus whats strange; I have created an admin email webmail account on infinity; couldn’t I receive the emails from the contacts page this way?

SMTP access is not supported on free hosting. You could just register a domain with Freenom (don’t choose the .tk domains) and point it to and to then add it on the Addon Domains section on the Control Panel, create another admin email account with the new Addon Domain you’ve added, set the MX record to the domain you’ve registered from Freenom to (even goes well) and go to to use their installation of Roundcube.

I did this already with my sub domain name

Still doesn’t work

You can even add domains on Addon Domains or create a new subdomain via the Subdomains section on the Control Panel. I’ve recommended Freenom to get the domain name to point to the nameservers I’ve listed, to then do the same thing. Go here to view that post, but do this with a different domain name than you’re using before.

That depends on what you need to use SMTP for.

If you want to use SMTP to send email from your website using an external email provider, you can! This topic provides an example of this with PHPMailer and Gmail:

Using SMTP to send email from external software using our mail servers is not supported on free hosting.

Hello Admin :slight_smile: thank you for your quick response. Sorry I just saw your email as I have not been on the computer to check. The problem I am having is not sending emails on my admin account in infinity. I installed a contacts page plugin with Wordpress called WP elite contacts form. I set up my email addresses for when people message me; I can’t receive their emails. I tested this page & I have not received any emails. I used a domain name form another website I found; I pointed to infinity server & I also added this domain name as a main domain add on in control panel. However my MX records doesn’t allow me to delete the main domain infinity free gave me & replace with this domain name. This is why I can’t receive emails from users on my website :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I am happy for you to check my control panels as proof that I did this; my website is

There is a password entry but to access my control panel; I can give you admin invite via email address :slight_smile: Kind regards
Ks Rocks

Just to note: MX records control which email server receives email for your domain. It does not affect email sent in any way.

If you’re sending email from your website, then you should note this restriction:

Hi Admin :slight_smile: I have already sent out email from my Infinity account & this works fine. It’s incoming emails from my contacts page that I am not receiving. I set all the email notifications to be sent to my admin email & other email accounts but it does not work. So basically if anyone wants to ask me a question on my contacts page on my WP website; I won’t be able to receive the message. I tried various ways to make it work; SMTP, gmail configuration but it won’t allow emails to be received to me. That’s my issue; nothing else.

Kind regards

If you’re having trouble sending email from your website to your email account, I guess we’ll first need to find out which of the two is having problems.

Can you please check if you are able to receive email with your email account from other providers (e.g. from sending a message directly from the Gmail account), or that you can send email from your website to other providers?

Morning Admin; I just checked my admin email account on Infinity; I can send emails & it works; I also tried to send an email from my gmail account & hotmail 5 minutes ago & I did receive incoming emails. It’s not my admin email that is a problem. On my website

When you click on contact administrator & there is a ‘contacts page’ where users fill out their email details & send admin a message; this is the problem; I cannot receive any of those emails. I installed WP Contacts form Elite & I configured the notifications emails to be directed to my admin email on Infinity & this does not work. Is there any solution? As mentioned before; my domain name points to your server but I cannot erase my MX Records so that my domain name becomes the main Mx records that picks up my domain name

Kind regards

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