Email Hosting

Could someone give me a list of free email hosting that would let me use my .cf domain and isn’t Yandex?

I’m not too keen on the possibility of emails being forwarded from Yandex, could someone also let me know if Yandex is secure? I


  1. Zoho doesn’t support .cf.
  2. Postale only gives 30 day free trial?

Would you suggest Yandex for a small minecraft company of 2-5 people and is it secure?

Yes, and i’m not sure. I use it myself, but just for a small business I help manage, and no issues have been run into yet. I would recommend taking a look at their privacy policy to learn more.

Yandex is perfectly fine for email hosting. It supports all domains, is completely secure and you get (100?) email accounts per domain I believe.


ImprovMX is still free, although they only do email forwarding.