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The emails i send from my webmail are marked as SPAM in gmail. I have modified SPF records but it still doesn’t help, it still goes to spam. Can anyone help?

If your emails are getting marked as spam, the first thing to try is to send an email to . That service will give you an email address, you can send your email to it, and then the service will calculate a spam score for your message. If there is anything wrong with your email or email account, that service will tell you.

If shows a high score, then it’s just Gmail marking the message as spam. Unfortunately, Gmail isn’t very open about how their spam filters work, so then we can only guess why your email was marked as spam.

If you open the spam mail, Gmail should show a banner at the top of the message saying why they marked the message as spam. What does it say for your email?


@Admin I tested it in and it rates it 4.5/10 and gmail says that it contains content that is typically used in spam messages.

Can you please share the results like from here? I can try to help you to improve the scores, but to do that, I need to know why the score is the way it is.

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