Email problem


Hey my domains mails dont recieve. Soneone help me i tried too many times. I have did mxrecord




@OxyDac said:

Yep, that’s a relevant post! The issue is that the domain is using Cloudflare and doesn’t have any MX records right now.

One tiny difference: the domain is using the Cloudflare integration in the control panel, so you cannot actually configure MX records for it. It’s a known issue, but you need to disable Cloudflare to receive email.


YES Me to ! I delete CloudFlare ! Now i receive Emails


Hello… I have a problem here. After creating account I can’t acess through webmail. It shows cannot find server. How can I fix this ? Are anyone here ?


Screeahot here :!kOYDWaTT!kdWEE6GFgbITGD61htAaGOElGBm_VoQnQow0L6SZfS4


@Rashmi_ranjan said:
Screeahot here :!kOYDWaTT!kdWEE6GFgbITGD61htAaGOElGBm_VoQnQow0L6SZfS4

Please make sure that your browser accepts cookies. That’s an issue on your device, not the webmail client.