Encrypted Source code

Hello there,

it’s been a while since my last visit and I have a question about my website.

I just create a new website and using 100% HTML and I would like to protect the source code.

The question is, will my account getting suspended if I encrypt my source code?

Because i found a online tool to encrypt HTML into JavaScript.

Here’s the link

No there is nothing to say you can’t use a bit of JS to decode a string into HTML Elements. (Unless i’ve missed something??). You should be fine do that!

How exactly do you intend to encrypt your HTML code? HTML code has to be rendered by a browser to work, meaning every visitor of your site should be able to access the HTML code to see your site in the first place. Sure, there is trickery you can do to make it harder, but even a novice level hacker can “crack” this in less than a minute.

As for your question at hand: there is a large chance that this will cause your website to be suspended. Obfuscating your code like that tool does (it’s not encryption) is frequently used by malware developers to hide malicious code by making it harder for the website owner to inspect what the code is doing and verify it’s safe.

Because of that, obfuscated code is almost always bad news, so to protect the websites we host against being hacked, we block obfuscated code from being uploaded.


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