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An interesting fact is that Cloudflare has not registered any attacks in this time.

It could be someone hotlinking some files off your site.

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I do not know if that is possible, at most perhaps some image. Any ideas to check it out? Thanks for your reply.

What do the Cloudflare Analytics show? Do they show any traffic deviation at all on the 26th? It’s possible for your website to be hit by a wave of bots without Cloudflare detecting this as an attack.


I don’t see anything strange in Cloudflare, the traffic is lower than on other days and the visiting countries are the usual ones. The only thing out of the ordinary is that a couple of hours before the suspension the requests through the cache dropped to zero, that is, everything was served out of cache. Still the bandwidth was less than other days. It could be what you suggest but I would not know what to do in that case. Thank you very much for your support, I really appreciate it.

And again suspended, and the same pattern as last month, the chart did not change. Tomorrow it will be suspended again.

You can remove the A/CNAME record of your domain from CloudFlare dns to break the suspension loop for a start…


Thanks for your advice.

It is not surprising that a wave of bots attack not only on the same day of the month but with the same intensity. I am so surprised that the attack is so regular that the graph does not change.

Your guess is as good as mine. We don’t have more detailed information to tell you what’s going on here.


However, I thank you for your dedication, thank you very much.

Your website might be was under DDoS attack. I’ve experienced the same thing, then I saw there were hundreds of users when I looked at my Google Analytics.


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Hundred users shd be normal. isn’t it?

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While looking at Analytics is a good way to get a sense of the traffic, note that especially attack traffic doesn’t trigger analytics code so they are not recorded in Google Analytics. Cloudflare Analytics are more accurate in that regard, because they just record the server traffic, not the output from some Javascript snippet.


Thanks for the comment. The truth is that the first day in Google had 5 user visits, the second; obviously none. At Cloudflare, however, it was 50, less than on other days, and the bandwidth used was not significant either. I don’t understand much but nevertheless I suppose that a single bot that made many requests could bring down the web. Thanks again. I am in the process of observing to see if I can find any attack pattern, from now on I intend to put the catcha (Cloudflare) on the most susceptible days until, I hope, I wish, they forget about me. Hope that works.

And again suspended. Yesterday I knew * that this would happen today, and I turned on Cloudflare’s attack mode but it has not helped, the “entrey process limits” have been exceeded again. Also infinityfree today does not show me the statistics graphs. This is very extrange.

  • I knew it would be repeated because the statistics do not change. Look at day four of the charts above.

I am beginning to believe that the problem has to do with the statistics of Infinityfree.

It has already been confirmed that there was a problem with the resource limits not being reset correctly. This should be fixed now.


Thank you very much Admin.

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