Epizy.com & Database Server is down

what about database

I have 2 subdomain , 1 subdomain is working well , but other one still broken. when i open the control panel, it say : “maintenance is underway on your server , you will see your site offline …”, is this still progress or what ?

Im making a chat room for my site, But cant make subdomain

I tried to change database host name from sql212.epizy.com to sql212.infinityfreeapp.com but nothing effect to my site as I tried to ping the new db server, but it’s not reachable

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Some websites have a working database and others are still having problems utill it get fixed

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Just for future reference, free users cannot create support tickets, I’m sorry

Please remember that live chats are not allowed, forums are welcome though!

It seems this issue is getting fixed, then failing again. Note that iFastNet is aware of the issue, and it should hopefully be solved soon.

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It is fixed for me…
cpanel.epizy.com works fine now
And my epizy website works fine too. (coolplace.epizy.com)

mine’s still not working… I’ve already changed by DB_HOST name

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Huh, my website works just fine.

I think it may be hit or miss?

My WP site won’t even load…

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Me too

Too much I/O because of WordPress keeps trying to access database, which overloads the disk.


Yeah, mine seems to work well:


I don’t use wordpress, I’m a vanilla coder.

Almost all of my coding projects are hard-coded.

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Normally I don’t use WP, but it does have the plus of an easy and free ecommerance solution. In fact, only the shop directory of my sites uses WP, the rest (Witch is still in progress) is self-coded.

Still not working?? Really??

What is the real root cause here? Is there even a ETA for actual resolution?

Does anyone care?

Can’t even reach the File Manager to re-point the database (as suggested by Admin). Wow. FTP access also offline to site files, so can’t even copy data off to upload to a new provider.

Always keep a backup, for this reason.

I bet it will be resolved soon.

Don’t expect free service to be so quick, most of them probably take much longer.


anyone can create a new support ticket as long as they have an ifastnet support account first.

When I said all issues, I also meant the database issues.

Like I said before: URLs or it didn’t happen.

Good, because we don’t allow chat sites.

None of our servers can be pinged, and our database servers are not even accessible from the wider internet (the IP address is an internal IP), so this is completely normal.

Do you have any problems connecting to the database from your website?

Again, URLs or it didn’t happen.


My website isn’t working

Website link

my website also doesn’t load