My website URL is:

Database name:

What I’m seeing is:


I’m using this software:

Google Chrome and Safari

Additional information:


I have just set up a new database and can’t open phpmyadmin as I keep getting the error stated above. I have trawled through previous answers and have tried deleting cookies and also running through private browsing mode but I am still not getting access to phpmyadmin. Am I missing something?

are you able to open other databases?

I only have this database set up using infinity. I have an old database that I made through xampp and that connects without a problem to phpmyadmin, it’s only when I try and connect through infinity cpanel that it gives me this error.

I don’t see a database epiz_24106602_carbonfootprintapp in your account anymore. Did you remove it? If so, do you still need any help?

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