Error 0

Username (epiz_32680532)

I am getting error message during demo import.

Error Message

I am getting error in demo import [(Error (0)]
It’s from servier side. i request you resolve it.

I attached a screenshot for your reference.These error is showing in all demo import

You may want to try locating the download online, then uploading it manually to your site.


It’s not working

I tried new theme with fresh installation. but it’s working.

I attached a another Screenshot for your reference.

I am gettieng same error in all theme.

How big is the file?


File Size is Very Low. 48 KB Only

Try unzipping the file, then uploading the resulting contents over FTP.


i don’t know. in which place upload

From what I know, this doesn’t seem like standard WP functionality. Looking it up I see it’s a plugin from the creators of the theme you use. Their documentation is a bit vague, but make sure you’ve read it:

I think you’ll have a better chance asking at their support forum for help:

From a post I saw on another theme by them, they don’t seem to recommend using free hosting, but can give you the files for an alternative upload method, so you can make a new post and ask them something similar for your theme: