Error 404 Page not found

Dear all,

sorry for this so basic question.
I have created an account at InfinityFree less than an hour ago
and I have uploaded the html file helloWorld.html in my htdocs/ folder.

When I try to view it, through
I receive the Error 404 Page not found message.

Do we have to wait for some time for our account to be active?
Or am I using an incorrect address to open my html file?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Accounts are created in a few minutes, and additional domains are nearly instantly.

I don’t see a 404 page on your site. Can you try to clear your browser cache and then try again?

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Funny enough… when I click the link in my message, the file shows correctly.
However, if I type that address in my browser, it doesn’t… is it just a matter of time?

What about my php page,

Thanks again for your help and time,


For me that page works but it says that I need to re-run it with a genuine record ID. It may happen for you because you mistyped the URL or because the cache wasn’t cleared before visiting the page.

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