ERROR 414 - URL Too Long!

Done, I have checked. There’s a backup for our website.

Goto Database

Click Admin

Export the following tables (postmeta, post, termmeta, terms, term-relationships and term_taxonomy)

Make sure checkbox are correct


Uncheck display comment


Click Go to export tables


Hi, it told me new users can’t attach new documents.

So I uploaded it via Google Drive.


So I assume you have successfully created backup of your website and sql tables.
Remember where you saved your files.

We now proceed to remove current WordPress and then reinstall.

Goto Softaculous

Goto Installation

Click on X to remove current installation

Click to reinstall WordPress


Hi, I have re-installed Wordpress, what to do now?

First you extract the backup of your website onto your pc/laptop

Upload the backup of your uploads directory into /htdocs/wp-content


What’s next for this one, I have extracted the files onto my laptop.

Open the sql file containing postmeta, post, termmeta, terms, term-relationships and term_taxonomy using textpad++ or notepad++.

Replace the previous prefix with current prefix

To play safe, show me screen shot of edited sql file

Hi, where can I find that .sql file?

Remember where you save this file?

Once edited, pls save as another name

Like that?

The main domain is

Then the actual link is

And also by the way, what will I name it?

I think you got it wrong.
Pls show me your current wordpress database.
It shd look like below.


This is what my current WordPress database looks like, by the way its still me but for some reason I have limit on posting.

This is an urgent matter so I’ll drop my email: incase I can’t respond anymore.

This is what the search and replace for your sql file look like.


You can “drop” the 6 sql tables using drop command


  1. Replaced the wpc1 with wpqv.
  2. Then I’ll drop the 6 tables like this?

Yes, we then proceed to import your edited sql file.



All your posts shd appear. You just need to tweak your settings

Okay, should I save it as is? Or I will save it as a new file? If I’ll save it as a new file what willl I name it? Would I name it to the same “epiz” username thing with the current database?

Up to you.
Maybe Newpost.sql?

So, I have imported the new .sql, all is good. Except I have two warnings.

I uploaded the Notepad file to Google Drive once again because for some reason this website has too much restriction for new users lol. I