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Hello Sir,
my site URL:-
my site suddenly stops working and it shows 522 error please solve this. This starts as I connect with Cloudflare so please don’t block Cloudflare id.

So the IP you’re connecting with Cloudflare may be overloaded or not available at that time. Please wait until iFastNet makes all websites on that IP accessible again (and removes the DDoS from their server).

I checked the actual IP address of your account, and it (and other websites on it) are working fine.

Can you please double check your DNS records to make sure it has the right IP address? The IP address of your domain is

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Thank you sir,
Now my website is working but it was not working properly. Some time when i open it colore get change, some time font change, Some time miss match all the data this like is what happening.

Cloudflare’s performance improvements rely on cache, so any changes to CSS on your website can take a while to show up everywhere. To see changes instantly, you can enable Development Mode in Cloudflare and check your website in private browsing mode.

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I am not able to customize my site even it taking very long time when i click to customize like header, logo, footer; colour and logo are automatically change in different browser. please help i am facing this problem seems past weak.

Should I move this topic to the Website Development category? Page colors are CSS, which are rendered by a browser. A hosting server could not control the colors of your web page unless it would inject custom CSS directives (which, for the record, we don’t).

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yes please

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