Error 524: A timeout occured

my website showing an error : “Error 524: A timeout occurred”

I am neither able to access my website nor my wp-admin dashboard.
It’s showing host error.
Browser Working
Cloudflare working
Host error

Perhaps read this article:

Already read the article, but the problem is not solved. Hosting support is needed to fix it

Can you make it sure that you have correctly point your domain domain into your domain ip address? And only have a two cloudflare nameservers.

Or may I see an screenshot of the dns records on cloudflare.


Here is the screenshot of DNS records on cloudflare, i just deleted the infinityfree DNS record from cloudflare and i have only two cloudflare nameservers

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Sorry but have you also added the custom domain as an addon domain into your hosting account?

I didn’t added it manually, it was automatically added, Now i have deleted it from addon domain.
Will my problem be solved now?

How can i solve my problem?
Can you help me?

What about having or installing a https free ssl certificate from infinityfree client area instead of using cloudflare which can cause a timeout occured?

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Https free SSL from infinityfree was self signed certificate which was causing problems…so i used cloudflare

now, I’m getting ERROR 522 : connection timed out

What causes you a problem if you use infinityfree let’s encrypt certificate?

There is also a CA certificate from Let’s Encrypt that InfinityFree provides.

The IP address your website is on is currently down. I’m trying to get more information, and will put it in this topic:

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hope this will be fixed as sson as possible…I’m trying to fix it since today morning…many of my visitors are having problem

Another problem coming, my website is redirecting to, but my account is showing active.
I am using cloudflare nameservers and cloudflare SSL on my site. As there was system issues and my website was down, I was waiting for the problem to be solved but now this happens.

Did you just remove the domain on infinityfree control panel and did you just also remove or pause your site on cloudflare?

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I just removed my domain from addon domain in c-panel …
Do i need to add my domain to addon domain in c-panel?
If I’m going to add it on addon domain, i need to change my nameservers in my domain registrar

Yes, of course. You will need to add or change your nameservers again to infinityfree nameservers ( &

Also make sure that you have also pause or remove your site/domain on cloudflare.

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I have changed the nameservers and paused my site on cloudflare.
Hope this works and my website willbe live soon