Error after my domain transfer


I recently did the transfer domain of my website to Epizy thanks to NameSilo.
Everything has been done smoothly, I set the server name as requested as:
But when I am checking my website ( which should have been redirected from, I received a security error, I would presume that it’s because of the SSL, but not sure…
Could you tell me what should I do to correct this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Your site is fine to me. It redirects smoothly.

But, you have premium domain. Rather than redirect, why does you not make it become your main domain?

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I would like to make it become my main domain but I thought I should have done a redirection for that? Is there any other way to make my domain in .com as my main domain?

  • Login to your domain panel (NameSilo?).
  • Change your domain nameserver to &
  • After wait for some time, check whether your domain nameserver propagated properly by using this tool: Dig (DNS lookup)
  • If not, wait again for some time. If yes, go to your hosting panel (InfinityFree cPanel), then add your domain from Addon Domain menu.
  • Go to File Manager menu or your FTP client, then move all of your files before ( files) from htdocs folder to folder.
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Thanks a lot adisp for your return but it still does not work … Plus it seems that I have now a redirection going to another website on the roots of infinityfree website? I don’t understand what is going on …

Did you delete your default (sub)domain (* from hosting panel (Addon Domain menu)?

Btw, I see your main domain. It’s working fine. WordPress site that have not installed yet.

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Indeed, it appears that I have deleted that… Is there any way to have it back by any chance?

It’s impossible if you want add it again from Addon Domain menu because it’s a sub-domain (not domain). It’s only can be created by Client Area system.
You can still add * sub-domain from Subdomain menu, but I don’t know whether it can still add the same sub-domain that your Client Area created previously.
If it is still possible, the sub-domain directory won’t the same as previously. So, your main htdocs folder will not be used anymore. Because that main htdocs folder only for (sub)domain that created by Client Area system.
So the sub-domain folder will be * instead.

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