Error during FTP delete file, file not found

When I delete the file, it appears like this, and I don’t know what the problem is

“Error during FTP delete file, file not found: “/htdocs/help-center/includes/acf-icon-picker/assets/img/acf/.nfs0000000006cb4a3f00041656”.”

Picture for illustration:

Please help me as soon as possible.

Your file does not exist on the server, meaning it has been deleted. Reload/refresh the filemanager to see the changes.

I did it more than once but it didn’t go away

Try using FileZilla

I tried all FTP programs and it didn’t help

The file name makes me suspect that it may be a system file that ended up there.

There seem to be some ongoing issues with storage. This may be one side effect of that.

If so, they may disappear again when everything is fixed.

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So should I leave it like this?

.nfs* files are related to NFS. They appear on an NFS server when a file is deleted, but is still open by a client. The server must not delete the file because it still needs to provide the data to the clients that have it open. On the other hand, the server must delete the file because the process that deleted it expects it to no longer exist. So the NFS server renames the file to a name that hopefully nobody cares about.

It’s no use to try deleting them: you’d be deleting a file that’s still open by an NFS client, so the server would only create a new .nfs* file to keep the data.

Eventually the client will close the files and the .nfs* droppings will vanish.


Thank you, I checked now and the file is deleted automatically.


Thank you for the feedback and I wish you all the best in your future work !

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