**My website URL is:

*What I’m seeing is: error during FTP MAKE_DIRECTORY_OPREATION File not found … when i add new folder

**I’m using this software:File Maneger from control panel

*Additional information: Not possible to add new folder from file manager from control panel. Not possible to update theme in my wordpress or add new plugin *

It looks it is not powered by our host. please contact !


I am sorry!

My site is in your host. Nere I have the same problems.

So which directory are you trying to create where?

theres no problem with your infinityfree site…

There are problems. I can’t install plugins and update theme.

also my site show content of library/rec/Cam1 folder. I can’t upload file to this folder.

I had a server admin check this issue, and it looks like your account has hit it’s inode limit. This means you cannot create new files and directories until you remove some stuff from your account.

You can read more about inodes and the inode limit here:

Please note that the counter in the control panel may not be accurate. It’s not a live counter, so it may take a few hours for your inodes to be recounted and updated in the panel.

Regarding the library/rec/Cam1 folder, please remember that we provide a website hosting service, not a photo/video backup service. Please use a backup hosting or file hosting service if you are looking for a place to store (automated) uploads from a camera.


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