I’ve uploaded the necessary files for my website but it’s not working . It shows me only a word - error ! It’s really disgusting showing only a word for my entire work . Please do the needful . My website name is .

That “error” is generated by your code. You’ll have to check the code or ask the script developer to learn what this error means, and what can be done to fix it.

Just for reference, which software are you using? Is it something you made yourself or some script off the shelf?

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tinymce is not defined, get something in the function/variable/etc. Also do not use direct urls, CORS will block it.
If you don’t know how to use relative URLs, double dots means go to the parent directory, / is current directory, . also means current directory.
Here is an example.
I have a folder named x in a folder named z, there is also a folder named y in folder z. There is a js script name a.js .
Folder x has a html file which needs a.js.
That means we need to go into the parent directory which is folder z, then access folder y, then get a.js.
The URL would be: ../y/a.js

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