WOW ! Look at all the error posts in the forum … I am surprised and I thought I was the only one having some unique problem … seems lots of other people also have a lot bigger problems … probably trying to run a production site instead of just a test to see how the free host is first before committing to buying anything … so far I am not impressed… if this is free and how it works … I sure would have to dislike paying money for more of the same … so far I can say chances of selling me much are slim to none … as I said … it’s not very impressive… the cpanel stuff is pretty much junk when and if it might work if ever … what good is a database if the phpmyadmin never loads and what good is a software installation automatic where its full of errors and the app don’t work … or spending hours trying to make it work … ??? Here you might spend a week trying to figure out how to just upload a file and unzip it … or several hours trying to have a database connection that actually works to edit anything… uploading files by ftp… if you can ever have a connection that stays connected … plan on a couple hours at least … or more reconnecting… and reconnecting and redoing and reconnecting … go daddy was a crappy paid host, same shit and tons of spam emails after - a year later … this one takes second place as a … and in contrast … I use several other places that “just work” … no problem at all paid and free… this was just a waste of a couple days of my time … so far.

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