Fact about nameservers

Spesifically byet nameservers. When I digging my backup website (in eu.org now :smiley:) in mxtoolbox.com, it says I have both byet and epizy nameservers? That’s odd
But here’s my point. When I see info about byet nameserver, there’s some nameserver that doesn’t belong to Wildcard UK Limited (/iFastNet).
Screenshot from 2021-01-15 05-55-29
Main byet nameserver, is hosted in FranTech Solutions. Which only have one service under their brand. BuyVM, a VPS service.
Screenshot from 2021-01-15 05-56-00
Fourth byet nameserver, is hosted in OVH.
Wondering why iFastNet have nameserver hosted in separate servers. :thinking:

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I don’t know
maybe because they run different server to get the website all around the world


The Frantech stuff is used for the anycast DNS. Those IPs are served from different datacenters around the world for latency.

The OVH nameserver is just there for redundancy. If something bad happens in iFastNet’s core datacenter, then DNS will still work.


Then why is it not advised to use byet nameservers?
Seems like using it will help a lot…


In the past there were a lot of problems with the anycast nameservers. It seems to be quite OK now though.


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