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Hi all!
I am linked my domain to infinity free. The process for such is presumably done as the domain can be loaded on the browser. I have uploaded a file called resume.html to the htdocs folder on the ftp, but when is loaded on the browser, 404 error is returned. Is there anything i have done wrong?

Also, if I want to load a web page at how should I name the file?

Thank you for your help in advance .

Hello! Welcome to InfinityFree Forum!

It should be index.html

Also, in case you don’t know, if you want to add more pages, such as “”, create a folder called “page” and add index.html into it.

If you added your domain as an addon domain
then a folder that carries the domain name is created and htdocs folder inside
so you need to upload your files inside that folder

Thx all , problem solved !

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