File Added but now working

i have uploaded a file to my website in the location of but when i try to access it it just sends me to an error 404 page, it was working before but the css file had not updated even though added through ftp and it was using the old css but that one was gone so i deleted the entire file to re-add it just to see if it was an error but when i re-added it it just comes up with error 4-4

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software: filezilla

Additional information: my subdomain ( is not working

For me it’s working fine; for you it’s just a caching issue, so you need to clear cookies / cache or configure by checking out this link and scrolling down to see the instructions for your device.

so is the button black or blue for you?

The button is black for me; tested using Chrome 75 on MacOS 10.13.6. For you it may be again a caching issue.

hmm… i still cannot access it. i am on opera GX

Try to clear cookies and cache, or reload the page using Ctrl and F5 contemporarily, or… [continues on the next post]

i have done ctrl f5 at least 50 times

[continuation of the 6th post] …configure by checking out this link and scrolling down to see the instructions for your device.

already on that server

Try to change browser with Chrome or Firefox, because Opera GX may not clear the cache right away.

ok, i only dont use chrome because of the memory/cpu usage on my gucci toaster

it is still blue on chrome. working tho

On what operating system is your “Gucci toaster” in?

windows 10

Maybe the DNS cache is striking again. Try to rename the CSS file in something else, then include it on the HTML file.

ok, ill be a sec then

working now, thanks. now to get the php and mysql working as it just shows “user not found”

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I can’t find a “testing” folder in the htdocs directory of Can you please double check you uploaded the files successfully?

This is because you’re using your own nameservers. If you use your own nameservers and want to setup subdomains, you need to set up the subdomain both on our panel and in your domain’s DNS settings. You should be able to set this through Cloudflare. The subdomain should point to the same IP address/domain as your main website.

the reason you cannot find testing in htdocs is because i renamed to login just before you checked.

So you’re saying that the page should have the same problem as you described before? Because that page seems to be working fine from here.