File manager does not reflect changes


  1. Connected using FileZilla
  2. Transferred a theme file into the theme directory successfully (Rehub theme - 24.2MB) [visible from FileZilla under themes folder of]
  3. The file can not be seen on wordpress>appearance>theme AND from online file manager under the themes directory

Could you suggest how to resolve this, please?

The maximum upload limit for files is 10mb. If you need to upload bigger files, read the article below.

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It is a folder with many folders and files inside. None of the individual file exceed 10MB size limit. (I just mentioned the folder size as I am puzzled that 24.2MB of data is missing.)

Then try uploading the files via online file manager or use a different ftp client.

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I can‘t reach you site anyways, so maybe that‘s your problem.

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I checked your account and I don’t see any custom uploaded to your site.

Both the file managers and your FileZilla client all talk to the same FTP server. So if FileZilla shows that certain files are present but the file manager doesn’t, then something is going on.

Can you please double check that you’re uploading the files to the same folder and same account as those from your website?

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After using online file manager the file can be seen in the file manager but not on Wordpress. I am not sure what you mean by ‘can’t reach your site’. The site is accessible @

I uploaded a folder with no file larger than 10MB. I can see these files from FileZilla as shown in the screenshot. However, I can not see them on Wordpress or online file manager. I tried uploading the file using online file manager and the file was deleted immediately. I am not sure what is going on. I didn’t find any malware after scanning the folder using

Then your INODEs limit may be already exceeded:

I wish that was the reason.

Then you may upload the theme directly. But if it fails, it may be one of the reasons the Admin described on the first KB article I posted here. So if it fails ask to the developers of that theme to make a lighter version of that theme that can be installed on WordPress and is compatible with free hosting.

I’ll describe the problem one more time:

  1. Tried uploading theme zip from wordpress but couldn’t as it is more than 10mb
  2. Tried uploading unzipped folder using Filezilla and uploaded files can be seen on the server at the right location but there is no new theme on wordpress or the same folder is not visible from online file manager
    I am looking for a way to upload this theme and activate it. Could you suggest one, please?

Then the theme you’re trying to install is really big and not compatible with free hosting. If you want a higher file size limit, please consider to upgrade to Premium Hosting as it offers many features.

That is not a convincing answer/solution. :smile:

Or if you want the same theme you’re trying to install, but lighter, please consider finding alternatives to it.

as per this, I should be able to upload and use a theme larger than 10mb in size:

But some themes are supported, some not to install larger than 10 MBs.

Please remember this is free hosting and free hosting has limits and restrictions. If you want industry standard hosting, upgrade to premium.

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