File problem and all subdomains

Any attempt to make a folder results in can’t create FTP error, using Monsta file manager. Using ftp client, same thing. Even changed htdocs to 777 permissions … same.

Any attempt to use softaculous to install anything is same, can’t write to config files.

OSCom catalog on (subdomain) suddenly errors, can’t find template folder… any edited files suddenly lose their content, a few seconds after save they are 0 bytes. Also admin panel suddenly errors and says php syntax is wrong … worked fine when installed.

Uninstalled that software and now it will not re-install at all with softaculous, can’t write config and quits. Tried manual upload with filezilla and re-install … refuses to upload. Previously tried copying new template files to the old install … filzilla uploads a couple and skips the rest. Lots of work down the drain … poof ! just like that for no apparent reason.

It sounds like there is some issue with your account with creating files. But in order to verify that, I would like a bit more specific information.

Can you give an example of which file you’re trying to create where? And what is the full error message you see when you try to create that file?

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I am trying to reinstall OSCMax to using softaculous. It says cannot write to config .php. I note the same problem on a different subdomain as well in trying a softaculous install… same prob, can’t write to any config file to setup.

I noted a problem with the catalog when working on it … from working fine it suddenly could not find it’s location or language, then after it’s template files.I noted then the template files has 0 bytes content. On trying to edit the suddenly empty file, it would show it was edited has 168 kb, then a few seconds later suddenly turn to 0 kb, by itself as if something was erasing it. My next step was delete the install and reinstall which was where it suddenly refused to write the config files.I then cmod htdocs to 777 and same problem, full write permission and it refuses to write. Previously that install was no problem and worked fine. After leaving it for several weeks, on returning to work on it, suddenly it does not work at all, full of errors in the catalog admin section and cannot be reinstalled.
On using filezilla to try a manual install of oscmax, it will copy some php files, refuses to make any folders and and shows error disk quota exceeded or simply upload a few separate files and suddenly skip many others then say completed.

I also find I cannot install anything with softaculous to any other subdomain under that account. Same error… on install any config file needing to be written to refuses to write and install fails.

Softaculous installer error message:

The following errors were found :

  • Could not write the Configuration File _configure.php
  • Could not write the Configuration File configure.php

perhaps you should just do a clean install. Then it will be certain it won’t break.

If you’re unable to create new files, the typical cause of that is that you’ve hit the inode limit.

The odd thing is that the inode counter in the control panel says your current usage is at 0. Which is clearly not true, because I checked what’s currently on, and there are a lot of files there already.

I would like to remind you that using our hosting for file storage and file sharing is not allowed. You seem to have a large media backup or media store on your account, which is not allowed on free hosting.

Please remove the music libraries from your website, and then try to install your software again.

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As with what admin said, if you want to keep your music library (or media) just create your own server which then serves it to your site. Apache, WAMP, or XAMPP will be fine.

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The “music libraries” are part of the catalog, downloadable product items. No point to have a catalog if it has no products available is there ?

If one has to create their own server, what’s the point of having free hosting then ? Might as well also run the catalog web from it as well. The files stored are digital products fro download … one has to have them in place in the correct folder to make the catalog function.

Use it like your own personal CDN (Content Delivery Network), also it can be run on your own computer, thus you pay for the electric bill instead.