Notice to everyone: The SSL for has expired so you’ll probably see a warning in your browser. I imagine this will be fixed later.


This happened with the Byethost cPanel, and for that I created a ticket and it was resolved within 24 hours. I’m sure they know and a fix should be deployed soon.

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I noticed that too.

If you are running a compatible computer, you could always download SmartFTP, CoreFTP, FileZilla, Cyberduck, or WinSCP. The downloads for these can be found under the “Free FTP Software” section in your CPanel.

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I already have FileZilla.

FileZilla should still be working fine, only the online fine manager is not working at the moment (It is technically working, its certificate is just expired).

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Yep. I know. :blush:

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When I try to use it, it shows an error that is isn’t safe, I click proceed and it just loads infinitely.

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Same here. For me it only takes about 2 minutes to upload a new certificate. Any ideas why it’s taking this long?

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I was wondering the same thing, I uploaded to certificates last night in less than an hour and yet it is taking a long time.

Edit: So I have no idea why it is taking a long time. I tried contacting iFastNet support last night and still, I have not gotten a response.

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I have contacted iFastNet support last night and they have not gotten back to me yet.

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Note that doing that exposes your uername and password over the internet for anyone to read and use.

Can they be reset? If so then I don’t care. I have a backup and I have no private files stored on InfinityFree.

I messaged iFastNet about this on Sunday. Their automatic renewal is hit and miss so I had my own checks set up so I could warn them ahead of time. But even I have not heard back from them.


Wow. If you’re not getting a response then I don’t know that anyone else will. I’d have thought you’d have priority access or something?

I don’t think Admin controls the filemanager. Also FTP still works without HTTPS.

Usually I do have priority access. And maybe they are working on it and want to fix it first before responding to the message.


I know. :blush:

But what about trying to access the website via https and bypassing the error? Is that worse than just using http? (It can seemingly be accessed via both.)

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I have changed my password already and I was using I password I do not use on other sites. It was an auto generated password.

Also, has the SSL certificate uploaded again.