Filemanager not working

Why is not working? How can I fix it?

Try: Monsta FTP

Going to an outside ftp program does not solve my issues. I need to be able to access the file manager to link and upload some files.

Please read this:

You can access your FTP files with the program. Your free to use but it’s not very efficient.

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I cannot get the links to the files via a ftp program. I have to go into the folder where the files aree stored to gain access.

What do you mean by “links to the files”?

I mean and I believe its called pathway which when clicked on opens the file so that the vgiewer can see the file.

On Filezilla, just click the directory called htdocs and then click on your file. Then you can view/edit your file. It will also show up on your website in the same directory. So htdocs/folder/myfile.php will show up on your site as

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Thanks for your attempt to help me but filezilla is not working but I think its a password issue. Will get it fixed and see what happens. Personal note: I hate not knowing how to dothis stuff.

What’s “not working” about the file manager? Can you please describe what you SEE, instead of just your own conclusions about it?


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