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Hello @Admin, good afternoon.
I would like your help.
My WP website was running perfectly fine at
Now, I can’t find none of my files using the Online File Manager. The file structure now is suddenly completely empty! Besides this awkward situation, WordPress was completeley unistalled. I cant access WP as usual at
I guess the only solution is to ask you at Infinity Free to restore the backup and bring back my files and save all my hard work. Is it possible for to help me?
P.S: I already checked all related articles in the Forum.
Thank you in advance.

Please read


Hello Mr. KangJL. Thank you a lot for your reply.
Since I am simply seeing the files to be empty (like I have described) and I haven’t performed a deletion myself, then I will follow Mr. ChrisPAR advise and wait for his update.
I hope InfinityFree has a workaround option for recovering the files (and WP installation), since my account configuration remains the same.
Waiting to hear the good news. Regards.

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I think they are just moving data to a new server. After they get it up and running again your files and configuration should all be there and working properly.

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But that doesn’t interest the website IP the OP is on right now; only some hosting volumes are interested in the current issue you were talking about (and the IP ending in .155 is the prime example that is being migrated to the new server).


I understand now. Thanks for the clarification.


Hello, good afternoon.
Does anyone know when this migration to the new server finishes?
I am still waiting for an @admin reply about it.
Thank you.

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Read again.

Your missing files have nothing to do with the migration.


@KangJL, thank you for your reply.
This is really sad. We always learn from a disaster situation. I hope Infinity have learn something out of it.
I work at a company with 3 Data Centers TIER III certified, but never heard about a hosting service without a backup system. Backup is a must, even for low level accounts. This reflects respect for potential prospects testing the service.
Anyway, life goes on.
Thank you for your information. It will certainly save me precious time.


I enjoy the moment to advise you all about this threat woarning from Avast.
While trying to login to the dashboard, it says that the login page was infected with ULR:Phishing.

This is a known issue:

Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done but report it as a false positive and wait for Avast to remove the site from its database.


OK. Thank you for your reply.

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