Files upload successful but site won't display

My website URL is:
My site is

What I’m seeing is:
I have successfully uploaded by html/css and image files (small file sizes no video files) in the correct place (htdocs file) but i could not get the site to display on the above url (

I deleted the default file named index.html and uploaded my own file name (.htaccess) with DirectoryIndex Index.html written in the file.

Now the only thing i am seeing when I visit my url is the directory list not the site as it should display!?

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

Try to rename the file from Index.html to index.html.

Have done as you suggested and it is now displaying the home page for my site although not all my links are working and some pictures are not displaying?

Are you sure you uploaded all the html and image files on the htdocs? If not that will be the cause of that.

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will check through all images to make sure it’s not a simple spelling error. Thanks for the help, atleast it is visible now!

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