Files will not upload

I am trying to upload files for my web site, but I keep getting the following error.
File could not be transferred to the FTP server
I’m using the Control Panel ‘file manager’ to send the file which is 2kb
I read the message about the server problem but my control panel lists
Hosting Volume vol10_1
not the volumes listed in the message.

Any ideas

You can use the other File Manager, Monsta FTP, to upload the file on the htdocs folder.

you can use FileZilla to upload (if you’re using desktop or laptop)

Monsta FTP itself has bugs

Compulsory link when anyone posts their hosting volume believing it to be related to their issue (hint: it probably isn’t):

But yeah, if one file manager doesn’t work, trying another one is probably the way to go. MonstaFTP is more flexible, but nothing beats the power of a good old fashioned desktop FTP client.

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