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Hello, how can i find the IP of a user to ban it? I use google analitycs

Its kind of pointless to block an IP, as they can easily change it (It gets done automatically to), use a different device, or use a VPN.

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Ok but how can i find the IP?

Also, this is something that really is just easier to google.

How to Get a Visitor’s IP Address in Google Analytics …

View Visitor IP Address in Google Analytics

View visitor’s IP address in Google Analytics? - Google …


Thank you

Can i add to .htaccess a log to log ip adresses?

As with your other topics, please search the web first. There is a TON of information available on website management already which you can learn and start using within minutes. We’re not here to search the web for you.

It’s also a lot faster if you search yourself. So you don’t have to post multiple topics about the same question repeatedly.


How to log the IP addresses of my visitor (adding a file) like .htaccess
How can I log the IP address with .htaccess?

I’m not sure with .htaccess but I know how to with PHP you can log the IP with $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] and probably put it in a file? so basically like this

file_put_contents("yourpath/here", $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] . "\n", FILE_APPEND);

Do you know maybe a scripting he logs the IPs?

I’m not sure what you mean?

Where is a CMS when the page gets opened by a visitor his IP address gets registered

It just takes the IP and then puts it in a file.


No, i need to log users ip

That’s exactly what it does


I find a solution

Again, please SEARCH THE WEB! Every question you have asked so far are all basic website development questions which you can easily figure out with a simple Google search.


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