Foreign keys without innodb

Hi sorry if this has been answered before but the free account doesn’t have innodb and i’m only used to setting up database with foreign keys and referential integrity. My question is this, if you haven’t got support through innodb then how do you create foreign keys or is this not possible either and if so how can you have a relational database with myisam?

sorry if this is a dumb question but new to this…

InnoDB is not supported on free hosting. We only use MySQL, so if you want to connect to the database, you could connect to the MySQL database and create tables that contain all the data that you want.

MyISAM does not support foreign keys, sadly. If you want to know why that is and how MySQL can still be called a relational database, that’s something only the MySQL developers can answer.

But free hosting does not support any storage engine with support for foreign keys. So any foreign key consistencies will have to be enforced by the application code.

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