Free Hosting Outage, many services affected

@pengonoir Yes, that’s basically what we described too in our knowledge base article about the issue. I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue, but please note that that still doesn’t give you the right to dump unrelated questions in this topic.

@Yellow_Pikachu iFastNet doesn’t really seem to do proactive communication to their customers or end users. I also don’t get any information from them unless I ask for it. I have to learn about outages too by what little automated monitoring I can do and user reports, which I then have to ask iFastNet about.

@decebal Like the post says, the IP addresses will be reactivated when we have confirmed the attack is over. The IP addresses are not back online yet, which means the attack is not yet over. I don’t know when that will be. After all, we’re not the one doing to the attack.


At least for some of us who are complaining, please give us a solution to move the hosting to one of your other IPs.

You can remove the domain name from your existing account, create a new account with the same domain, and then transfer your website to it.

We don’t give you an easy button for this because moving an entire account to a different IP means every file has to be copied from one hosting volume to another, which is quite straining on the servers. An easy button means people will use it often, even when it may only make matters worse (for the reasons we don’t bulk re-IP accounts). Not to mention that people will use the button to fix issues the button couldn’t possibly help with (like errors on their own site or DNS caching). We want to use our storage bandwidth to serve websites quickly, not to move websites around for people who don’t know what that means.


Thanks for your work and communication! I pnly have one issue: everything works with the online ftp client but with filezilla i can only sometimes connect and upload but never download anything

Can you please create a new topic and describe the issue there in more detail? I’d be happy to look into what the FTP download issue is about, but I doubt your issue is related to this outage, and this topic will become a mess if everyone asks their own unrelated questions in here.

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ok sorry

Can we implement a button to do this? Or at least guarantee; that you will get the domain name you are releasing? Every 24 hours we should allow for a username to be generated. This will also increase security measures from attackers. Finding a generated username and password every day; would be nearly impossible to hack.

If you want to talk about security, I’m happy to discuss it. But please keep this topic about the attacks from last week, and discuss any feature requests or security topics in separate threads.


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