Free Hosting service out?

Hello all,

Is the Free hosting service out of service??

All I get from my website is below:
I planed to do some tests on the Free service plan till I reach a certain minimum dev and then move it to the paid service, but this frequent service failure makes me think hard about any paid extension with infinity.
Pls stabilize the platform ao that we can all move on!

Error Message

502 Bad Gateway


Can you share your website URL or IP?


I’m experiencing the same issue.

No. Currently its working fine!
If you face any error kindly share the site name so that we can check and let you know as a visitor!

Free service is having low resources and different from paid one. Don’t mess with it by comparing.
Paid service having special support as well as dedicated server!

From your point of view it may look like minimum.
But for those tests the resources allowed here should fulfill sufficient or else you can’t run a bit!
So kindly think about the minimum requirements with resources allowed for the test before you run or execute!

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What? If there is an outage, you’d be informed on this forum by the Admin.

Maybe you hit some limits, just wait and it’ll be fine!

You have to expect this though, but that’s not frequent! Very minute people might be facing that error. Feel free to upgrade to premium hosting if you don’t like the limits!

Can you please provide your URL @jedric and @Tati2021? There is no known outage at this time, but that does not mean that everything is working.



Mine is already working after a few minutes when I commented here. Thanks anyway. :smiley:

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Now it’s working again but there was a blockage earlier today when I made the post.
Thanks for your reply and hope the support team can find a trail on why this happened??

I’m sorry, but there is nothing for us here to find out. “My website” (whichever that may be, you still haven’t answered that question from the template) is giving a 502 Bad Gateway error. Only you’ve seen it on your site, and nobody else has.

If you can point us to a website URL that’s returning an error right now, we can check why that happens. But for this situation, there is nothing for us to see.


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