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Hi) Please help me.

my free domain on your platform

I tried to install SSL

but the browser does not open the site to https://

your instructions say that you need to change the CNAME records

to and

Where can I configure my CNAME records?

I did not find it in my personal account


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@Lion7777777, just create the required cname records in the control panel. nameservers are no issue, as they all point to the same byet cluster of free hosting.

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where is it?
I have not found.

watch this vid i made:
miuthuihv jkjiu75465845bghhghf.wmv (7.8 MB)

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thank you very much for your help.
now I have created the required CNAME entries.

but the browser still does not open via https

Did you copy the certificate and private key into the control panels SSL section?

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Click the Request SSL Certificate button in the Client Area and wait for a certificate and private key to be issued. When you have them, go to the control panel and paste the private key and certificate. After that click “Upload Certificate” and your website should have SSL installed.

If you need more help check the guide:


YES!) Thank you very much)))
everything worked out!)


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