free ssl


i really need ssl here can somone help me please




dosnt work bro with subdomain

erorrs said:
dosnt work bro with subdomain
As far as I am aware, it's pretty much impossible to get a free ssl for a subdomain here at InfinityFree but you have a chance on getting one if you use a primary domain.

You can get a free domain at freenom but be aware, they are known for suspending domains without fair and reasonable reasons. (Well you get what you paid for)

erorrs said:
i really need ssl here can somone help me please

Hi, you can get free SSL from Comodo for 90 days, but as friend upper said you must (or should, not sure if it works for subdomains) have primary domain. Do these steps:
  1. Generate your CSR and private key on Vista Panel. SAVE THEM on your disk as they are necessary and CAN NOT be changed when generating SSL.
  2. Go here: and follow guideline.
  3. As server select "Apache Mod SSL".
  4. As method of verification select e-mail because it is the simplest method. (for me, if you want choose another, it is just honest opinion ;) )
  5. You will get certificate to e-mail, upload it together with the CSR and key that you generated on step 1.
That's it, wait for a few hours to let it make ready.