Free subdomain and Github pges

I use free hosting (subdomain), can I use Github Pages, if so how? Github Pages told me the following: “yor site” is improperly configured

Your site’s DNS settings are using a custom subdomain,, that’s set up as an A record. We recommend you change this to a CNAME record pointing at [YOUR USERNAME] For more information, see Learn more (InvalidARecordError). We recommend you change this to a CNAME record pointing to [YOUR USERNAME]

@VALcuber, you can map the free domain using the cname record editor in the panel itself.

In the records name option enter like github. In the domain let the default be so or if you have many domains in a single account, please do alter the same. In the destination enter like Replace xxx with you username. Hope that helped!

Btw you cannot alter the A records.

I did as you wrote, but I saw exactly the error mentioned above

@VALcuber, maybe github first requires an A dns record verification, then you must have a cname to improve the delivery? I would strongly suggest you to get a domain like .xyz which is just 99 cents at

hostinger is very slowly host

Not for domain

We only provide subdomains for use with our hosting. Using our subdomains with other hosting providers, including GitHub pages, is not supported.

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