Free VPS?

I dont know if its the right forum to ask this but…
Do free VirtualPrivateServers exist?
I wanna setup Pterodactyl but I dont have anywhere to set it up to
And whoever I ask just says that java is too risky and bad
Can anybody tho tell me if free vpss exist?

Yes, and no.

You can always look up free VPS hosting, but some are really sketchy.

VPS programs can be quite resource-intensive, and usually ones that provide it for free will have a huge number of hidden limits or restrictions behind them.

I think you’d have better luck (if you can do so) searching for cheap VPSes.


Ok thanks!

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Your options are:
AWS Free Tier (actually 1-year trial) for 1GB of RAM instances, or
Oracle Cloud Free Tier for always-free instances, either 2 x64 instances with 1GB of RAM, or multiple arm64 instances with up to 24GB of RAM

both requires credit card at sign up.


Thanks so much!

wrong for AWS. prepaid debit and non-prepaid debit cards also work.


mhm just found out :cry:

Aws stopped supporting prepaid debit cards and A debit card can Mimic Credit card so it’s not really compulsory to use creditcard even when they mention it. (Sorry for bumping old topic)


Yes and don’t forget that You are the product when the service is free :slight_smile:

Secondly , Most of Free vps providers i know provides only OpenVz Container which don’t support Pterodactyl. Aws and Oracle can be a option but which is not rly reliable from my opinion and don’t mind spending couple of bucks by going thru cheap instead of free.


lol yea sadly

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