FTP And my Website

Username epiz_26565201

Error Message

I don’t see an error message I think

Other Information

I am told that I need to use Filezilla to put the information into my website, but I connected it and but the files into it and they showed up on the right side but my website still says that I haven’t put anything into it. How do I fix it?

Can you give your website url?
So that we can check.
BTW it takes 72 hours for your domain to work everywhere

thai.freecluster.eu @Soundar

Did you know there is a KB article about this specific issue? Did you check it already?

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I will check this out now! Thank you!

I believe I have done all of this correctly, yet it still isn’t working.

I see a login page now. Can you please clear your browser cache and try again?

Thank you!